Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's been a while....

So I'm a pretty pathetic blogger. I don't update nearly enough as I should. I had my Carolina Girls conference at Myrtle Beach and gave everyone my blog address and didn't even update it! SORRY GIRLS! College and work and my spare moments with family and friends has consumed my life and as a result my blog has suffered. But I can't really say that my baking has! Here's an update of what's been confected since we last talked..

Let's start with these guys baked in September. My big sister Lauren had a birthday in September and since she shares my love of Mint Chocolate, we decided to throw together the best of both worlds - Oreos and Mint. In the bottom is a mint oreo baked into devil's food cake topped with a mint buttercream with oreo bits, topped with another mint oreo. These were SOOO good and minty.

 Remember me mentioning Carolina Girls? It's a North & South Carolina Acteens Conference held every other year. This year Myrtle Beach hosted it and asked Lindsay and I to do a conference. We decided to mix our two loves - Running and Cupcakes and talk about how they relate to our spiritual lives. Being the cool conference leaders, we had to have some sweet treats so we baked up nearly 200 of these fall-themed mini cupcakes in cute-sy polka dot wrappers. We did vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with an orange buttercream and they were delicious. Many people couldn't limit themselves to just one!

That same weekend (Sunday) we ran our third half-marathon, The Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon. It was the hardest race I've run yet due to the fact that I was sick and unable to train the two weeks before the race and my free runs had finally bit the dust (realized this at about mile 6 when my feet were already throbbing). We all finished, me 2 minutes slower than my last race and Lindsay and Sharon over 15 minutes faster! We got awesome Surfboard medals (The largest on the East Coast). Next up, the Charlotte Motor Speedway Half in March.

These guys made their debut last Thanksgiving  and were a huge hit so we made them again this year. Pumpkin whoopie pies with cinnamon cream cheese filling. Enough said.

  My sister Lauren who does not cook, much less bake brought these gems to our family's Thanksgiving dinner and I was AMAZED at how good they were (and the fact that she made them with no glitches...just kidding LDC. LOVE YOU!). I ate like a gazillion so I decided to make some more for the bridal party at my best friend's wedding, along with some Oreo truffles. They are deemed Chubby Hubby Truffles and I snatched the recipe from my girls over at Six Sisters' Stuff (love their blog! Check it out!). So yummy. Peanut Butter, Pretzels, and Chocolate -- doesn't get much better!

I've decided to do a little holiday baking this year to make some extra Christmas money and my first customer was my sister, Ashely. She needed three dozen cookies for a cookie exchange and I had just the thing: The NY Times Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. I tried these over the summer and they are amazing. Rich, dark chocolate chips and sea salt makes them so decadent and so yummy. A must try for any cookie lover. If you are in the Southeast NC area and need anything baked for the holidays I am available. Really good rates. Contact me with ideas!

Lastly, Sunday night's gems. Red Velvet Cake Balls. I have been eyeing these at Bakerella and decided to give them a go. I had leftover Ghiradelli 60% Cacoa Chips so I melted them and dipped the cake balls in them. Really good if you like rich chocolate! Tasted like expensive truffles. I'm still a fan of the plain old vanilla cake balls (Mikey agrees and was disgusted at these), but if you like red velvet, these are for you!

So that's it for now! I'm already finalizing Christmas baking plans, so be on the lookout for more goodies. Follow me on Instagram for pictures first (mc4unc). Anyone with any sugar cookie/royal icing tips, I NEED THEM! I've also purchased my first springform pan so there will be a cheesecake in the works!

Exams are done Friday and my GPA is looking spectacular at the moment. Ready for some downtime with my family and friends and my birthday in January. Here's some foodie inspiration for you -- my dream birthday cake......

cheetah cake.


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