Saturday, July 21, 2012

Will You Eat My Cupcake?

There's just something about weddings. All little girls dream of their wedding day and most of us have ours pinned to every last detail (literally, ahem Pinterest). I had a little dose of weddings last summer with two of my very best friends saying "I Do" and my oldest friend (We saw Mouse Hunt in the movies together when we were's THAT serious) is tying the knot this December. Another of my dear high school friends is saying her vows today and I'm so sad that I'm missing the ceremony (thanks a lot Land 'O Lakes, but Congrats Andy & Amanda!). With weddings comes the infamous "Wedding Cake." The recent trend has been cupcakes and now even Cake Pops. No cutting, no plates, essentially no mess. My uber-unique best friend Jennifer, who scoffs at anything sweet unless it's cookies (and has the abs to prove it!) had a cookie tier at her wedding last summer, which I thought was so perfect. The ideas are endless, but nothing says "wedding" like a classic white cake with white frosting. 

And maybe throw in some pearls. 

I decided to do these cupcakes after multiple requests for "Plain Vanilla Cupcakes." Ahem, Hannah. First of all, what is fun about a plain vanilla cupcake? I mean REALLY. But, I figured I would see what talents my baking bones were capable of and maybe even use this as potential portfolio material. Problem: Camera still sucks.

I did another spin on these once I ran out of my white buttercream and made something to indulge another female dream. Here's a hint: It's a shade of blue that may or may not be best known for involving a box.

You've seen it. Sweet Home Alabama...Patrick Dempsey takes Reese Witherspoon into a dark room...turns on the lights - she's at Tiffany's. Oh and she gets to pick out any ring she wants. NOT. fair.

I took these cute little tokens of marital bliss to my softball team (who else?!) and told them it was to celebrate our new union with victory. That's right, we finally won a game. I gave Caroline one of the Tiffany blue cupcakes and after eating it she said she felt like I should have got down on one knee and proposed when I gave it to her. Maybe my wedding cupcakes can lead to a wedding?

Here's hoping ;)


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