Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finding a Balance & Learning to Blog

So here goes nothing...Isn't that how everyone starts these things?

Anyways, most of the ones reading this first post probably know me. You either watched me grow up or grew up with me and you know what I consist of. As many college students know, (especially those at UNC) procrastination is the root of all evil; or is it? Thanks to my dear friend Courtney, I discovered Pinterest last semester and suddenly found an escape from all of the piles of work that professors enjoy assigning me. And with Pinterest came desserts.....lots and lots of desserts.

I love to bake. It started with pre-made cookie dough and licking the batter from bowls when my mom was baking and has escalated to an outright obsession. I love to bake for other people. I would probably bake a complete stranger a birthday cake. In high school I baked every week for my basketball team and told my coach not to tell them it was me (that's right Lady Knights - I was the mystery baker). After baking my nephew a birthday cake this January -- which was fabulous by the way, see picture -- my mama looks at me and says "You're going to make someone a fun Mommy one day." ....... Umm for those of you who don't know the infamous Cabe, Sticky will be lucky, blessed, SMILED UPON, if you will, if she ever has any other grandchildren. Her other kids are scarred from reproduction. And pregnant bellies freak me out...just saying. Anyways, my best friend and I have always joked about opening a bakery and with finals looming in the near future I've seriously contemplated dropping out and pursuing that dream (KIDDING Daddy). Maybe someday...

I also love to work out. I'm a gym rat, a fitness guru, a health nut. I love the weight room and I even enjoy running in nice weather. I ran my first half-marathon last November with my Mom and sisters and am running my second this May with a wonderful group of ladies. As I'm writing this, I'm also trying to subdue nerves about my Group Fitness Instructor audition that is taking place in t-1 hour. I have to counteract my time on the "Food & Drink" Board on Pinterest with adequate time on the "Fitness" board so I don't have cravings. This doesn't always work however. These two lifestyles often bump heads but after a recent strict fitness program and the stress that followed it, I've learned that I've got to find a balance.

Recent studies show that sugar is toxic. This may be true considering the huge amounts of it and other chemicals in processed food and sweets. But many have learned that in moderation, it isn't such a bad thing. Fitness models have always said that they saw the fat melt off once they cut sugar below 35 grams per day. Well that's great and everything, but without sugar cake just wouldn't be cake. Sugar makes people happy. I often find that after days of depriving myself of comfort food that a nice dose of sugar can do the body (or my mind) good.

So I have formulated a plan for this Summer. Who wants to sit around with nothing to do all summer? Not this girl. Sure there's the beach, and my job at the golf course, and my online class, but I want to do something productive and therapeutic. So I'm going to bake. For those of you who follow me on Pinterest, you've seen my insane amount of Cupcake recipe pins lately. (And now the lightbulb comes on -- "Your Pinterest board name is the same as your blog!" DING DING DING!) So here's the plan: I'm going to bake a different kind of cupcake every week this summer.

Genius right? But really, bear with me here. There's a method to this madness. I've always admired the amazing cupcakes on "Cupcake Wars" and in the new plethora of "Cupcakeries" and always wished I could make cupcakes just as beautiful. Well here's my time to learn. Not only am I going to learn a lot of new recipes, I'm going to learn about decorating basics and skills and figure out what works and what doesn't. What about my waistline you ask? Well, my boyfriend Mikey and I have already pledged to eat clean this summer (much more so than last year -- Honeymoon phase of the relationship = added lbs) and my girlfriends and I are planning some group exercise sessions. These cupcakes are more of a learning experience and a challenge for myself. I'm working on finding a venue to distribute these morsels of dessert goodness through so that my family (who also lives a healthy lifestyle) isn't forced to eat them all and hopefully so that I'm not footing a cupcake bill every week. If anyone has any ideas that would be much appreciated, by the way. If not, I may just force all the poor pitiful golfers to eat them all -- Watch out Land 'O Lakes -- cupcakes coming your way!

So this blog will not be a boring, endless account of everyday of my life. It's going to be full of recipes that I've acquired, my reviews of them, and what I did or should have done differently. And there will probably also be some fitness things mixed in. It's just how I roll. So thanks for reading this first post & stay tuned in for lots of Dessert Goodness!


  1. Looking forward to a summer of fun!

  2. Can't wait to see what all you create!


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